Film Review: Stephanie in the water


Stephanie Gilmore's highs and lows from being a five times world champion athlete are documented in the film Stephanie in the Water, directed by Ava Warbrick. Competing since 2001 as a child she won her first world title in 2007 at just age 17. In the film her smile radiates across the screen and it is easy to see where she gets her nickname “Happy Gilmore”.

The Amazon Riders Film

the amazon riderssl

We have been out in sunny Brazil, heads tucked under the shade of our cameras, working on the production of our new film 'The Amazon Riders'. The film, the first of it's kind, explores the female street skate, freestyle skate, longboard and surf scene in Brazil.

The dos and don’ts of Skate Sponsorship with Helena B


So, you’ve been skating for a while, you’ve got to grips with the basic tricks and started to add a few more technical ones to your repertoire. People may even be complimenting you on your skating ability (hopefully not by telling you that you’re a good skater… for a girl), it feels like now is the right time to try and get sponsored. Right?